Welcome to another week of learning!

This week we take a look at Azure Runbooks, Microsoft Learn and some Rufus news!

How to see Runbook code from the Job list

Sometimes it can be hard to remember what the code looked like for a Script. For example, you want to see what the script that failed two weeks ago looks like, and you can’t remember it.

Go back to the job you are interested in, and click Code Snapshot to open a blade with the executed code.

You can also see information such as start time, duration, and what the status was.

Free Microsoft Learn Practice Exams

Microsoft recently shared that there are new practice exams available for the updated Exams on Microsoft Learn.

They currently cover MD-102, MS-102, MS-203, MS-721 and SC-400.

Head over there if you are interested in any of these exams and test your skills!

Rufus version 4.2 allows you to customize Windows 11 Boot media

I used Rufus 4.2 to create a new boot USB for the latest version of Windows 11.

It is the first time since updating Rufus to 4.2, and it is an enjoyable experience now. (Microsoft might not like it).

When I click Start, Rufus prompts me to make customizations to the image. For a company, they might not be interested in these but if you have an older PC, removing TPM requirements allows you to get some more life out of that device.

Default selections for Windows customization

How To Open Windows Settings from Command Line or Powershell

This is great when you want quick and easy access to Settings, such as during OOBE or similar situations.

Type start ms-settings: to open the settings window. If you want to go directly to Display or Sounds, add that after the :.

# Open Windows Settings
start ms-settings:
# Open Windows Settings for Display
start ms-settings:display

This is good to know when you are working with Hyper-V VMs and want to change the resolution from WinPE or similar scenarios.


This week we learned new things concerning WinGet, Graph API, and Logic Apps!

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