In this post I will explain an issue with ZTIDiskpart that I ran into when trying to deploy Windows 10 with MDT 2013 Update 1.

I had just installed MDT 2013 Update 1 along with ADK 10 and I created a brand new deployment share.
My goal was to try creating a reference image for Windows 10 to prepare for deployment in my company and for my customers.

The only changes I had made to the Task Sequence was to add a step that installed .NET 3.5 prior to running Windows Update.
Updating the deployment share and creating the boot iso worked perfectly.
During the deployment I got this error message while ZTIDiskpart was trying to finish up.

ZTIDiskPart error

Looking in the log for ZTIDiskpart didn’t reveal much, except that it found the drive letter but was unable to apply the image.
I manually verified diskpart and noticed that there was and extra partition called “Recovery” on the drive.


This made me double check the Task Sequence and the step for Format and Partition disk.

In the menu I could see that there in fact was a partition called Recovery.
Since I didn’t want this partition I proceeded to remove it and expand the partition OSDisk to use 100%.
I updated the deployment share and rebooted my VM. This time the deployment completed successfully and I was able to capture my reference image.

I believe that the Recovery partition is there by default in Update 1 since I haven’t seen it before.
There is no guarantee that this will be and issue for you but if it is then I hope this helps you out.

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