How to Easily Monitor OneDrive KFM Migration Status

Table of Contents Introduction Right now, there are a lot of projects going on about moving data to the cloud. Since more business is getting into Microsoft 365, it is an excellent opportunity to utilize more of the licenses you are already paying for.A typical scenario where this is true is when companies move the known folders for their users to OneDrive.There are many ways of performing this move, and you usually want to use OneDrive Known Folder Move (KFM) to keep folders backed up.Usually, in a "legacy" environment, you configure these folders to store data on a file server.…

6 Challenges with BitLocker Management in MEMCM

I just posted a blog post about BitLocker Management in MEMCM on another site. This could be something for you, if you are in the process of implementing BitLocker Management in your environment. It covers the six most common challenges you will face during the deployment. I hope you find it interesting! If you want to read more about BitLocker, check out this post!