Desired State Configuration

Desired State Configuration – Start-DscConfiguration job fails.

Hi, When I began pushing out configuration files in my lab environment I encountered an issue.The background job that ran after the command was entered failed. I spent quite some time trying to troubleshoot the firewalls, PSRemoting and other things that came to mind after reading the error messages. However it turned out that it wasn't a configuration error but instead an update that was required. I had to install it on both my Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 nodes. The update in question is KBKB3037315 and it can be found here.After installing it and rebooting the nodes I…

Desired State Configuration – Creating a configuration file for DSC

Hi, Desired State Configuration (DSC) is a new feature that was introduced with PowerShell 4.It enables you to deploy configuration data to clients in or outside your network. In some aspects DSC can be compared to GPO, except that it can be used to configure Linux and Mac clients.Windows support is native but you can download new Resources to use with Linux and Mac. DSC uses a few components to perform the configuration you want.First you need the configuration file that specifies how to identify a node and what that node should do.This file will be used to create a…