Implicit remoting issue after Windows Update

Today I discovered a problem on my computer when trying to connect to Exchange Online.
I was about to add some mailbox permissions in Exchange Online when I was interrupted during the sign in process.


When running my script to connect to Exchange Online I was greeted by an error message instead of the usual information.
I usually run my script, supply my credentials and continue happily.


It looked like this:

I was using this a few days ago without any problem so something must have happened recently.
This means that it was unable to import the module from Exchange Online containing the cmdlets I needed.

I found out that the reason for this was caused by Windows Update yesterday by a recently released Cumulative update.
As far as I can tell this known issue is only applicable to Windows 10 Build 1607.

KB3176934 – Released August 23, 2016
Windows 10 build 1607

To solve this I simply uninstalled the update using powershell.

wusa /uninstall /kb:3176934

After a restart of my computer I tried to run my script again and this time it worked perfectly.

This KB also causes some issues if you are running DSC on your computer.
You can read more about the KB here

If you want to check out my script for connecting to Exchange Online you can do that here.

// Niclas


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