Microsoft just added a preview feature to Intune that we have been waiting for! You can now find your Intune BitLocker Recovery keys from the device information blade in Intune.

This makes it much easier for administrators while helping users with their locked devices. An example of this could be when using Windows AutoPilot and automatically encrypting the drives of enrolled devices. Normally you have the recovery keys stored in Active Directory or MBAM, but since moving to Azure AD you can only find it there.

Browse to the intune portal,
Go to Devices > All Devices and search for the device you want to unlock.
Click the device and you will find Recovery keys – Preview at the bottom.

It can barely get better than this.


You should feels safe using this feature even though it is a preview, since you only read information that is already there. I would be more cautious if the new feature would make changes to settings, but when this isn’t the case it should be fine.

Lets all enjoy the development of Intune and the shift to Azure!

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