When I began pushing out configuration files in my lab environment I encountered an issue.
The background job that ran after the command was entered failed. I spent quite some time trying to troubleshoot the firewalls, PSRemoting and other things that came to mind after reading the error messages.

However it turned out that it wasn’t a configuration error but instead an update that was required. I had to install it on both my Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 nodes.

The update in question is KBKB3037315 and it can be found here.
After installing it and rebooting the nodes I ran the command again.

Start-DscConfiguration C:DSC

Now the job ran fine and I could verify it with the Get-Job command.
The configuration were applied to my server almost immediately.

I hope this helps you as well! Post a comment if you got any questions about it.

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