My objective is to create a folder with a desktop.ini that is used by my colleagues to store files for a project. Usually I create this manually on the correct file server and copy an existing desktop.ini which I edit and then set the attribute to System.

I like to work with scripts and functions so I created the function below.

function New-ProjectFolder {


]$ProjectNr, [Parameter()]


]$Description ) BEGIN{} PROCESS{ Write-Verbose “Creating PSDrive PRoot” New-PSDrive -Name PRoot -PSProvider FileSystem -Root \servernameshare | Out-Null Write-Verbose “Creating Project folder $ProjectNr” New-Item -Path PRoot:$ProjectNr -ItemType directory -Force | Out-Null Write-Verbose “Copy Desktop.ini to $ProjectNr” Copy-Item -Path .desktop.ini -Destination PRoot:$ProjectNrdesktop.ini Write-Verbose “Setting LocalizedResourceName to $Description” (Get-Content PRoot:$ProjectNrdesktop.ini) | ForEach-Object {$_ -replace “LocalizedResourceName=”, “LocalizedResourceName=$ProjectNr – $Description”} | Set-Content PRoot:$ProjectNrdesktop.ini Write-Verbose “Setting attribute to System” Set-ItemProperty PRoot:$ProjectNr -name Attributes -Value ([System.IO.FileAttributes]::System) } END{} }

Note that I run the script from the same folder where the desktop.ini is located.

This isn’t perfect yet though. I want to specify the server name and path as a parameter but for now I can’t get UNC to work like it want it to. Lets call this a work in progress.


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