Yesterday saw the release of SCCM 1902 and it seems to include a lot of useful features we have been waiting for. I’m mentioning most of the highlights here but you can go to the what’s new page for a full list.

1902 will be generally available in about two weeks but If you want to try it out you can use the Enable Fast Ring script to get it today. Download it here.

Search for devices using MAC address

You can new add MAC Address as a criteria in the Device view. This means you don’t have to use a query to do this anymore. Just att the criteria by clicking the Add Criteria drop down menu.

View recently connected consoles

You can now see who is connected to the console from withing the console. This is very useful to view before starting a upgrade of SCCM, since all consoles should be disconnected and upgraded immediately after installation. This can be seen from AdministrationOverviewSecurityConsole Connections.

Select monitor to see when using remote control session

When using Remote Control to help users you might find that hey have multiple screens, which means that you will see both except condensed to one screen. With this update you can select which one to view instead of both. Great feature!

Run PowerShell scripts now support timeout, alternate credentials, working directory and success codes

The Run PowerShell Script step in a Task Sequence has become much better! In the article they mention timeout, alternate credentials, working directory and success codes but it is much more. As you can see in the image you can import a script directly or click Add Script… and type it without using a package.

See progress status during in-place upgrade Task Sequence

The information visible during an In-Place Upgrade Task Sequence should now be more detailed. It will include specific information for each step which makes troubleshooting much easier for us administrators.

New monitoring options for phased deployments

Phased deployment have received their own monitoring node which has more information regarding the deployments. Im the image you can see my phased deployment for Microsoft LAPS, and my two targeted collections. This view can be found in MonitoringOverviewPhased Deployments.

Redirect Windows known folders to OneDrive

Their is now a build-in profile that allows you to redirect users Documents, Favorites and Pictures to OneDrive for Business. It has settings for how it should behave as can be seen in the image below. The settings can be found in the console at Assets and ComplianceOverviewCompliance SettingsOneDrive for Business Profiles.

Client health dashboard

There is a new dashboard for Client health that can show you the overall health, client versions and status for multiple scenarios. This can be found at MonitoringOverviewClient StatusClient Health Dashboard.

In-console documentation

There is a new workspace in the console called Community. There is currently only one feature here but it is a good one. It is called Documentation and includes a list of important articles, popular posts and those that are recently updated. There are also links to and some troubleshooting tips. There will most likely be more features released and added to this workspace in the near future. It can be found at CommunityDocumentation.


SCCM 1902 is packed with features that you can actually see and use. Many features has come from User Voice which means that Microsoft is still listening to us for feedback.
Most of the features listed here are a good enough reason for performing an upgrade when it becomes generally available in about two weeks.

Use the following link for a full list of news and changes in 1902.

This is a great post if you want more information about how to perform the upgrade

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